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Watch the 60 Minutes interview with Walter Isaacson. Walter Isaacson appeared on flagship US news show 60 Minutes the day before publication, and you can now watch clips from the show here.

A digital grand slam. Steve Jobs is number one in the iTunes ebook and audiobook stores, number one on the Kindle paid chart, number one on Audible audiobooks, and the hardback is the number one bestselling book on Amazon.

The New Yorker: Steve Jobs on adoption
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Steve Jobs: The world pays tribute
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Stephen Fry's tribute to Steve Jobs
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We admire his work. We've embraced his vision. And we love what he's brought to the world. Let's take a day to honor the man himself and say thank you.' Admirers of Steve Jobs day propose declaring October 14th 'Steve Jobs Day.'
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In pictures: Steve Jobs career from the BBC
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Steve Jobs The Biography: a phenomenal worldwide bestseller
It's official: the Walter Isaacson's portrait of Steve Jobs was the bestselling biography of the Christmas period in the UK, and one of the biggest selling books of 2012. In the UK alone, it has now sold almost 300,000 copies in hardback, plus an additional 92,000 ebook downloads with both figures continuing to rise each week.

Worldwide, the book has sold over half a million copies in territories that include Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, not to mention the huge sales in the US.

In short, it has been a phenomenon. His life story, and the insights Walter Isaacson has brought to it, have made this a book that has captured the popular imagination like no other biography in recent times, and we are proud to have published it.


News 1The Telegraph: First impressions:
On the day Steve Jobs' officialy biography is published, Matt Warman offers his first impressions of Walter Isaacson's book


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News 1Statement regarding Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography
Following discussion online regarding differences between the US and UK editions of Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography, Little, Brown UK can confirm that the page length for the UK edition is 656 pages the same as the US edition and that there is no difference between the two in terms of content.

The book will be released on 24th October 2011, priced 25.

News 1Walter Isaacson's article for Time magazine
The saga of Steve Jobs is the Silicon Valley creation myth writ large: launching a start-up in the proverbial garage and building it into the world's most valuable company.

He didn't invent many things outright, but he was a master at arranging ideas, art and technology in ways that repeatedly invented the future.


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